About Fernley


Fernley offers a rural lifestyle with big city amenities within a 30 minute drive from Reno NV.

Set in the Eastern foothills of the Virginia Mountain Range, Fernley has spectacular mountain views. Hiking, camping and water recreational areas are within a short drive from Fernley and the ski resorts of the Lake Tahoe area are only 90 minutes away.

Fernley, also, is in the middle of one of the fastest growing areas in the United States. The factors that drive this growth are lifestyle, career opportunities, a state government that is business friendly, education at all levels, a tax structure that is friendly to residents and businesses, and a great climate.

Many Fortune 500 companies have located their distribution centers in the Nevada Industrial Park including Amazon.com, Trex, Johns Manville, MSC Industrial Direct, UPS Worldwide Logistics, Quebecor World Nevada, Sherwin-Williams and several other companies with national prominence. In Fernley, your home buying dollar goes much further than in the surrounding communities of Northern Nevada and California.

The fact that Fernley home values are 25 to 30 percent less than comparable homes in Reno makes the 30 minute drive to Reno seem much shorter. When comparing Fernley home values to those of Northern California communities you will find 50 to 60 percent reduction for comparable homes, no state income taxes and no electrical shortages.


In 1850, when the Territory of Utah was created by Congress, the area that is now Fernley was located on its far western border. The state we now know as Nevada was admitted to the Union on October 31, 1864. However, the journey to statehood was not without a great deal of work and discarded or stalled proposals. In 1857, Congress was asked to create a new territory out of the “Great American Basin”. This region included parts of eastern California, Arizona and what is now Nevada. The area was referred to as the “Territory of Sierra”, “Carson Territory” or “Washoe Country”. In 1858, it was proposed that Nevada would be carved out of western Utah but pro-slavery southerners stalled the bill. Finally in 1859, the citizens of the western “Great Basin” met, seceded from the Utah Territory and created the territory of “Nevada”. This was never recognized by Congress, so it was not until May of 1861 President Buchanan signed the bill creating the Nevada Territory.

Territorial legislators met in Carson City in December of 1862 to create a State of “Washoe”. However, in November of 1863, when the delegates met to draft the constitution there was disagreement about the name. The other names that were considered were “Humboldt”, “Nevada”, and “Esmeralda”. When the debate was complete, “Nevada”, the Spanish name for snowy or snow-covered was accepted in July of 1864.

After the riches of the Comstock load (1859 to 1880) had ended, the area leaders looked for other opportunities in settling what is now Nevada. Mining was not to be the only resource for settlement. Farming, timber, railroads, and water projects – and all they entailed – were to be the key factors in the growth of the Fernley area. Mary B. Ansari explains in the book “Place Names of Lyon County, NV” that the name Fernley came into use in 1904. It was first referred to as Canal Township. The post office was established in 1908. She further explains that if there was another reference to the town of Fernley, all records were destroyed either in the San Francisco earthquake or when the Lyon County Courthouse burned in 1909. Ansari also explains that the origin of the name is not documented but there was a Dr. Fernley who worked for the railroad and it may have been named after him. That story is undocumented and the first known reference appeared in the January 1905 Official Guide of the Railways and Steam Navigation of the United States listing Fernley as a railroad stop.

Established: 1904
Population: 19,585
Elevation: 4,153 ft.
Time Zone: GMT-8 Pacific
Area Code: 775
Zip Code: 89408
Jan Avg Temperature: 46°/21°
Jan Avg. Precipitation.: .59″
July Avg Temperature: 92°/55°
July Avg. Precipitation.: .36″
Region: North Central
Territory: Pony Express Territory

Sales Tax Rate In Lyon County, the sales tax rate is 7.100. Property Tax Rate In Lyon County, the 2009-10 average county wide tax rate is 3.00328 of the assessed value.

Goodby California – Hello Fernley The incentives of doing business in Fernley Nevada are extensive. Nevada boasts one of the most liberal tax structures in the nation, and the return on investment in the form of tax saving dollars can be enormous.

NO Personal Income Tax
NO Unitary Tax
NO Corporate Tax
NO Inventory Tax
NO Floor Tax
NO Franchise Tax
NO Inheritance Tax
NO Special Intangible Tax
NO Estate and / or Gift Tax

Fernley’s Hub Location & Market Access

Trucking / Rail
Three primary transportation routes transect Fernley; Interstate 80, U.S. Highway 50, Highway 95A spurs off I-80 and runs north-south, and passes through Yerington on its way to Las Vegas.

Many truckers prefer HWY 50 route from Fernley to Las Vegas when driving to Los Angeles. This saves time and money since less time is driven on California roads avoiding additional fees. Triple Semi’s are also allowed in Nevada.

The railroad also passes through Fernley and branches off for access into the warehouse district.

A new exit off I-80, (exit 50), has been completed and designed for access the warehouse district from interstate 80. This exit is not available to traffic at this time.

Also slated is a connection between I80 and Hwy 50A East which will bypass Fernley easing city traffic and provide fast transitioning for commercial transport.

Reno, NV28 Miles
Sacramento, CA162 Miles
San Francisco, CA248 Miles
Boise, ID394 Miles
Las Vegas, NV412 Miles
Salt Lake City, UT481 Miles
Los Angeles, CA552 Miles
Portland, OR610 Miles
Phoenix, AZ701 Miles
Seattle, WA781 Miles
Helena, MT856 Miles
Cheyenne, WY916 Miles
Denver, CO1,013 Miles
Santa Fe, NM1,047 Miles