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Elaine Rasmussen

Honorary Director

I have worn many hats, as they say, both professionally and on a personal level. I enjoy learning new things, and taking on new projects and challenges, particularly as part of a team. Some of the Community “teams” I have been blessed to be a part of include: Girls Softball League Board member and coach, Softball Travel Ball Coach, High School Varsity Softball Coach, School Site Council, High School Booster Club, Bible Study Fellowship, Church Hospitality Team.
In my professional career, I have enjoyed a variety of positions, in a variety of fields. Working in the shipping and stevedoring industry for over ten years was both challenging and rewarding. As the first female Operations Manager for Del Monte Tropical Fruit, at the Port of Hueneme, every day was an exciting experience! From there, my family moved to the Bay area, and I continued my career at the Port of Oakland.
After three years in the Bay Area, we moved to a rural town in northern California, as quality of life and raising our two children in a slower-paced community was a priority. Giving up the fast pace of the 24 hour/day management position, to spend more time being “Mom”, was not a difficult decision!
During that time, I began my part time career as a Skincare Consultant with Mary Kay. For the past 18 years I have found this to be extremely rewarding. I make new friends every day, while helping women (and men) look and feel their best.
Today, I am truly blessed to continue being self-employed, as a Team Leader and Consultant with Mary Kay. This allows me the opportunity to go on many adventures with my new husband, Tom, and love on our 8 grandkids!! Tom and I love being in Northern Nevada, as it allows easy access to all the outdoor activities we enjoy: hiking, camping, kayaking, off roading, and fishing!


Elaine Rasmussen
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