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Ellen Tudor


I have lived in Nevada since 1976. My children grew up in Nevada and two of them are also raising their families in Nevada. I have always felt like it's one big "small town". It appears to me that if I don't know someone in a given town, I know someone that does!

After working for 18 years in the tire industry, I changed careers in 2004. I have been with Coldwell Banker since then. The change was a good idea! I have enjoyed working for some wonderful people. My business has continued to improve year after year!

I am diligent and dedicated. I enjoy what I do and it is a continual education. Laws and processes change, almost daily. I stay aware and informed of those changes and because of that, am better prepared to serve my clients.

I am active with our local Chamber of Commerce and love being part of what makes our community a wonderful place to live and work


Ellen Tudor
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